Tacticware Resource Group LLC

Business Management Consultants offering Solutions in Culture, Strategy, and Tactics.

Our History

Tacticware Resource Group LLC was established in 2007 by Paul Fournier. Paul is a graduate of the University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas.

Paul’s expertise includes management, sales, human resources, and operations. Tacticware courses, assessments, and resources were written and published by Paul.

Tacticware offers an extensive portfolio of business and industry resources and articles providing a balanced approach to organizational excellence.

Our Core Values

Respect, Honor, Communication, Excellence, Simplicity

Our Mission

“Our mission is to build quality organizations. Contribute strategy and solutions to important issues. Enhance client culture and perception. Assist client teams to become self-managed, think critically, and achieve goals with integrity. Achieve customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and innovation through superior systems, market intelligence, and best practices.”


We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Cultural diversity and equal opportunity support commitment and sustainability of our system solutions.

We do not discriminate against racial, ethnic, and/or religious groups, older workers, women, veterans, and people with disabilities. We remain apolitical, religion neutral, and respectful of local customs.

Associations and Ethics

Tacticware is a member of these associations. We subscribe to their codes of professional ethics.

Society for Human Resource Management-(SHRM) https://www.shrm.org/

Institute of Management Consultants -(IMC USA) http://www.imcusa.org/

We subscribe to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Principles  http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards.htm

Confidentiality and Area of Operations

Confidentiality- Tacticware provides consulting and confidentiality agreements to our clients.

Area of Operations- Tacticware provides services globally as requested by our clients.