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Shareholder Value, It’s About People                                       http://wp.me/p6zJML-1gd

Leadership- Five Qualities for Success                                     http://wp.me/p6zJML-1dV

Company Culture is Everything                                                     http://wp.me/p6zJML-18f

Profit Bandits                                                                                             http://wp.me/p6zJML-15d

Customer Loyalty                                                                               http://wp.me/p6zJML-10p

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We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Cultural diversity and equal opportunity support commitment and sustainability of our system solutions.

We do not discriminate against racial, ethnic, and/or religious groups, older workers, women, veterans, and people with disabilities.

We remain apolitical, religion neutral, and respectful of local customs.

Association and Ethics

Tacticware is a member of these associations. We subscribe to their codes of professional ethics.

Society for Human Resource Management-(SHRM) https://www.shrm.org/

Institute of Management Consultants -(IMC USA) http://www.imcusa.org/

We subscribe to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Principles  http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards.htm