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Our Story

Hello. I’m Paul R. Fournier, President of Tacticware Resource Group. We are an independent management consultant.

Our purpose is to increase client revenue and profitability through quality management. We concentrate on expanding management skills, knowledge, and business practices.

Tacticware develops and fosters leadership, culture, and  strategy. We offer expert training programs in management, HR,  and sales. Our 360° Organizational Assessments identify cultural and operational challenges and opportunities.

Tacticware was established in 2007 by Paul R. Fournier. Our clients include national and global B2B and B2C. We consult for manufacturers, private equity, and sales organizations. Our resources are turn-key and scalable to your organization.

We would appreciate the opportunity to consult with your organization. Contact  Paul Fournier today to schedule a discussion.

Our Services

Tacticware offers a wide range of services to grow your business.

  • Management Consulting: On Location and Virtual Consulting
  • Fractional CEO/COO Services
  • Strategic Planning: Guidance and Innovation Development
  • Management Training: Customized for Management, HR, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain
  • 360° Organizational/Cultural Assessments: Management and Employee
  • 360° Surveys: Customer, Supplier, Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Business Assessments, Strategy, and Acquisition Intelligence

Learn more by contacting  Paul Fournier today.

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Now Available

 “Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority”

“Anonymous Cultures” offers strategies and resources to grow your business. Learn why effective leadership, culture management, and strategy are the foundation of growth. Available in hardcover, paperback, Audible Book, and Kindle ebook.

Learn more at Fournier Books:

Reader Book Reviews – 5 Out of 5 Stars

Review 1

One significant reason top firms retain that status for as long as they do is their business culture. Successful firms develop and align to well-defined, clear, and specific cultural practices. Paul R. Fournier, in his book, Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority, discusses in depth the different aspects and importance of culture in organizations.

The author is an expert in this field, and this book perfectly stamps that fact. He talks about issues of business and culture quite effortlessly and flawlessly. It felt like I was seated through a paid business consultation session. I enjoyed every bit of his work. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I found the book insightful and informative. It laid the importance of a known culture and gave step-by-step guidance on instilling that right culture.

I give this book a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars. It is well-written and expertly delivered. In addition, it seemed professionally edited as I only found a few errors. I’d recommend it to current and aspiring corporate world leaders. Business owners could also use some of the information in the book.

Review 2

Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority is a business book about managing and leading a business with the right strategies. Anonymous Cultures outlines strategies in cultural leadership and management. This book’s main purpose is to increase the leadership capacities of business leaders and management. Paul R. Fournier is a business consultant, and he wrote this book in order to build better quality businesses through increasing the capacity of business owners and leaders.

I loved reading this book. It was well written and easy to understand. I also loved the addition of tables to show the business data and the data from the author’s research. The Silent Majority is a book that can also be read by people who are new to the business world. It is a book that is written for a particular target audience, business leaders. It is written in a way that it would be understood by anyone who is new to the business world while also being very detailed and informative. The author believes that the capacity of a company is determined by the capacity of its leaders, and this book is written with the goal of expanding the leadership capacity of business owners and managers. I also loved how the author used real-life examples to explain his views.

I would rate Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority five out of five stars. It was professionally edited, well written, and free of grammatical errors. I gave this book an excellent rating because it was an intriguing and informative read. The author uses his experience as a business consultant to explain his thoughts in an easy-to-understand way. I would recommend Anonymous Cultures to all business owners, managers, and leaders. This would also be an amazing read for people who study business management in college.

Tacticware Management Consultants – The Three Pillars of Business Success

Our Approach

Published Articles 

Our articles in leadership, culture, and strategy are based on observation and experiences. High performance organizations value their management and employee teams.  Leadership, culture management, and strategy are the foundation of great organizations.

Quality leadership relies on critical thinking. Well planned strategies plot a course to achieve the vision and mission. Lastly, quality cultures are the catalysis for consistent execution of the strategy.

Employee perception is transactional.  Customer perception is transactional. We choose both our employees and customers. It is a decision. And consider this, sales revenue a result, not a source.

Innovation, product or service quality, and superior communication drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is competitive advantage.

Leadership, Culture, Strategy

Fewer Teachable Moments

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Culture Management

Company Health Goes Beyond EBITA

Company Health Goes Beyond EBITA EBITA, (earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization) is the primary measurement of business health. If a company isn’t profitable, management cannot reinvest in future growth, innovation, reward shareholders, nor retain quality employees. One secret to…

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Culture Management

Embracing Your Cultural Health

“Embracing Your Cultural Health” This article is available for free download on and Speaking Professionally At Tacticware, we discuss the most difficult subjects for today’s leaders. We suggest that leadership, company culture, and strategy are the ultimate source…

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Growing Brand Equity

Welcome to a Tacticware Resource Group educational article. Our topic in this article is about Growing Brand Equity! This article is available for free download on Speaking Professionally At Tacticware, we discuss the most difficult subjects for today’s leaders….

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Rebuilding Your Business after Covid19

Who would have thought such a global calamity could have occurred. Yet it’s here and the repercussions will continue for some time. Some industries have taken a severe beating like hotels, restaurants, airlines, and entertainment. Other businesses have been bruised…

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Selecting Quality Employees

Selecting quality employees is a challenge for many businesses. Unemployment is low, complicating the efforts to staff key positions. However, before you leap to hire a new employee, why did the last employee leave? In some cases, the last employee…

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