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Welcome to Tacticware Business Systems.  We specialize in elevating organizations to their highest capacity. Our business management systems effect change: change in results, change in capabilities.

Our strategic approach, encompassing management, sales, culture, and strategy, is designed to boost your sales revenue, enhance profitability, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

We provide our business management systems to food manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, service companies, and sales agencies. From management to sales, operations, administration, and HR, Tacticware empowers organizations to reach new heights through training, communication, measurement, and actionable change.

Leadership in a meeting

Tacticware Business Systems helps clients to develop and foster leadership and organizational quality.

We excel in helping our clients create actionable change. Our systems are directed toward primary management, sales management, departmental management, and human resources.

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About Tacticware

Premier business consulting firm dedicated to the transformation of high-capacity organizations through strategic management leadership and cultural excellence, elevating overall organizational performance.

Tacticware Approach

Leadership and Culture Excellence

Quality organizations are rooted in exceptional leadership, a thriving culture, and effective strategy. Our approach is built on the pillars of honor, character, and high performance. Through strategic guidance, leadership development, and cultural enhancement, we empower organizations to achieve excellence.

Sales Growth through Education and Engagement

Tacticware goes beyond conventional training – we educate client teams both on-site and virtually, fostering active participation and knowledge sharing. By benchmarking and ensuring consistent improvement, we conduct regular follow-ups to review progress, keeping teams aligned with growth objectives.

Personalized Business Systems for Managerial Success

Our business systems are designed to provide structure and individualized support, ensuring the success of every manager in your organization. Through tailored programs, training, and ongoing support, we empower managers to thrive in their roles, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

New Book: Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority

High Capacity Leadership

Anonymous Cultures,  The Silent Majority" by Paul R. Fournier is a remarkable book that offers a fresh perspective on culture management and leadership. Fournier's expertise and practical guidance make it an essential read for leaders, managers, and professionals interested in maximizing the potential of their organizations.

I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand and shape their organization's culture for long-term success.

Reader Review- Five Out of Five Stars

Now Available

Anonymous Cultures offers strategies and resources to grow your business. Learn how effective leadership, culture management, and strategy are the foundation of growth.

This book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book stores in hardcover, paperback, Audible Book, and Kindle eBook.

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Read our other five (5) star reviews at Fournier Books: https://fournierbooks.com


Leadership Development

Effective leadership guides enterprise values, innovation, and achievement. It cultivates critical thinking and opportunity as it delivers sustainable and predictable financial performance.

Culture Management

Culture management creates a quality environment. Employee retention, achievement, and communication supports customer satisfaction.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Effective strategy defines goals, risk, and achievement. It supports company values, accountability, and utilization of company resources. It establishes structure and predictable outcomes.

Our Story

Founded in 2007 by Paul R. Fournier, Tacticware specializes in Business-to-Business (B2B) brands. We offer comprehensive Business Management Systems and consulting services tailored for manufacturers, private equity, and sales organizations. Our turn-key and scalable resources are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Published Articles

Our articles on leadership, culture, and strategy are rooted in real-world observations and experiences. High-performance organizations recognize the intrinsic value of their management and employee teams. Leadership, effective culture management, and strategic planning form the bedrock of exceptional organizations.

Quality leadership thrives on critical thinking, while well-planned strategies chart the course toward realizing the vision and mission. Quality cultures act as the catalyst, ensuring the consistent execution of the strategy.

The perceptions of employees and customers are transactional, and we consciously choose both. Sales revenue is an outcome, not a source. Notably, innovation, product or service quality, and effective communication serve as driving forces behind customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing a sustainable competitive advantage.

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