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High Capacity mANAGEMENT, Cultural, and Strategic Solutions

Tacticware business systems and processes develop effective management skills, cultivate healthy cultures, and achieve strategic objectives. The final result is increased sales revenue and profitability.

Since 2007, our people-centric business systems and processes focus on growing leadership and best practices. We train and provide monthly support for your management team to achieve profitable, predictable, and sustainable financial results.

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Leadership in a meeting

Tacticware systems and processes develop and foster leadership and organizational quality. Our systems and training are supported nationally, on-location, and virtually.

Tacticware Business Systems are actionable.  They are directed toward key management, sales management, departmental management, and human resources.

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Our Approach

Our approach is to educate client teams on location and virtually in classroom style.  We engage your team to learn, participate, and share their views and challenges.

Monthly, we schedule follow-up meetings to review our progress and challenges. We benchmark challenges to ensure consistent improvement and growth.

Our business systems provide structure and support for every manager to become successful. - Paul Fournier

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Tacticware Business Management Systems 


Leadership Development

Effective leadership guides enterprise values, innovation, and achievement. It cultivates critical thinking and opportunity as it delivers sustainable and predictable financial performance.

Culture Management

Culture management creates a quality environment. Employee retention, achievement, and communication supports customer satisfaction.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Effective strategy defines goals, risk, and achievement. It supports company values, accountability, and utilization of company resources. It establishes structure and predictable outcomes.

Our Story

Tacticware was established in 2007 by Paul R. Fournier. Our clients include Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) brands. We provide our Business Management Systems and consulting services to manufacturers, private equity, and sales organizations. Our resources are turn-key and scalable to your organization.

Published Articles

Our articles in leadership, culture, and strategy are based on observation and experiences. High performance organizations value their management and employee teams.  Leadership, culture management, and strategy are the foundation of great organizations.

Quality leadership relies on critical thinking. Well planned strategies plot a course to achieve the vision and mission. Lastly, quality cultures are the catalysis for consistent execution of the strategy.

Employee perception is transactional.  Customer perception is transactional. We choose both our employees and customers. It is a decision. And consider this, sales revenue a result, not a source.

Innovation, product or service quality, and superior communication drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is competitive advantage.

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