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Strategies in Leadership, Culture, and Innovation

Tacticware Resource Group LLC is Business Management Consultant. We assist clients to rethink and transform their business model. We offer innovative, decisive, and predictable results.

Paul R. Fournier provides professional development in management, sales, human resources, and operations. Our expertise includes leadership development, culture management, and strategy.

Assess your business with these questions.

  1. Leadership: Does the management team facilitate the vision and values of the organization?
  2. Culture: Is company culture positive, effective, and managed?
  3. Strategy: Do well crafted strategies consistently achieve company goals?
  4. Innovation: Does the company consistently deliver competitive advantage?

Tacticware offers consulting, business training, and organizational assessments. Our approach is turn-key, scalable, and confidential.

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Total Quality Leadership

Our Total Quality Leadership (TQL) approach builds sustainable and predictable financial performance. We offer executive coaching as part of our leadership program.

Culture Management

Tacticware’s Culture Management System transitions company culture from subjective ideals to a managed discipline.


Tacticware strategies and predictive insights empower leadership. Our clients better communicate, plan, execute, and innovate.


Tacticware training programs deliver actionable results. Our course offerings include Management, Human Resources, Sales, and Operations.

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