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We drive success for our clients.

Tacticware offers Business Management Systems serving clients across the United States. Our client focus is centered on Leadership, Culture Management, and Strategy. The result is competitive advantage and superior financial growth.


At Tacticware Resource Group, our core focus is to help our clients to become more successful. Every solution we offer is tailored to the unique needs of the business.

Generally, we find that organizational and financial challenges have grown their roots in leadership and sub-standard company culture. As such, Tacticware solutions begin with improving people and culture.

Our belief is that “Leadership and Culture'” is the structure supporting competitive advantage. Tacticware Resource Group helps organizations like yours to actualize that positive performance.


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Years of Experience


Tacticware Business Systems was established in 2007.

The organization was established and remains led by Paul Fournier. Paul offers extensive experience and resources in management, human resources, sales, and distribution. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas, as well as a member of various professional organizations.

Consulting with both corporate and family-owned businesses has provided engagement with business models and boards from a variety of industries.

Tacticware provides services globally as requested by our clients.

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Core Values

The Core Values of Tacticware Resource Group are as follows: Respect, Honor, Communication, Excellence, and Simplicity.

Our mission is to build quality organizations through effective leadership, culture, and strategies.

HR Opportunity

We are committed to fair and equal opportunity based on skills, knowledge, and prior experience. We do not discriminate against racial, ethnic, and/or religious groups, older workers, gender, sexual orientation, veterans, and people with disabilities. We remain apolitical, religion neutral, and respectful of local customs.


Tacticware is a member of these associations. We subscribe to these codes of professional ethics:


Values and ethics are foremost in establishing meaningful relationships. Paul takes great pride in both the success and privacy of his clients.

Tacticware provides consulting and confidentiality agreements to our clients. We respect our clients privacy.


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