Sales Revenue Growth

Sales Revenue Growth, Becoming Customer Centric

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Sales revenue growth is generally top of mind for most management teams. First, it increases shareholder value and financials. Secondly, sales revenue growth allows for reinvestment in people, innovation, and facilities. It’s not accidental or magic. Sustainable and predictable sales …

Growing Brand Equity

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Welcome to a Tacticware Resource Group educational article. Our topic in this article is about Growing Brand Equity! This article is available for free download on Speaking Professionally At Tacticware, we discuss the most difficult subjects for today’s leaders. …

Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships- Do We Know or Assume Our Customer Relationships?

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Speaking Professionally We suggest that leadership, culture management, and strategy set the boundaries for growth. Cultural challenges and leadership have no Silver Bullet. Every customer transaction is impacted by the culture and leadership of the organization and its employees. The …

Customer Relevance

Customer Relevance: How Relevant is Your Business?

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Customer Relevance: How Relevant is Your Business to Customers? Introduction How relevant is your business to customers? Do customers see your organization as a leader in innovation, quality, and service? Is your company team really a team, always staffed with …

Shareholder Value, It’s About People

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Shareholder Value, It’s About People A Tacticware Resource Group White Paper In this white paper, we discuss three cultural types often found in business: Price-Based, Production, and Customer-Centric cultures. Each environment affects revenue, client retention, and shareholder value. Additionally, we discuss …

Customer Loyalty

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Management is challenged every year with delivering sales and earnings growth. The rules have now evolved because customers want more than just a competitive price – they have a whole litany of expectations. Companies that expect to gain or retain …