About Us

Since 2007, Tacticware Business Systems has provided industry solutions. Our focus is growing management skills, healthy cultures, and effective strategies. We support our clients with systems training and guidance.


Tacticware was established by Paul Fournier in 2007. We help good companies become great companies. We achieve results through quality people. Our approach is consistent, sustainable, and actionable improvement in client companies, rather than large course corrections.

Paul R. Fournier

Paul Fournier resides in Kansas City. Kansas City is centrally located to both coasts. His experience includes corporate and family business. Paul has five successful children. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas. He is also a private pilot.

Our Approach

Quality organizations are built on a foundation of quality leadership, superior culture, and effective strategy. All of our systems are built on the premise of honor, character, and high performance.

Sales revenue and financial growth are a result of building a quality organization.

Published Resources

Anonymous Cultures the Silent Majority is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book sellers in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and Audible.

Read our 5 Star reviews at our website: https://fournierbooks.com/

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Our People Policy

We do not discriminate against race, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, veterans, and people with disabilities. As a matter of policy, we remain apolitical, and respectful of local customs.