Fractional CEO-COO

Fractional Executive CEO/COO Services

Our Story

Tacticware offers Fractional Executive CEO/COO services. Our expertise includes management, financial, HR, operations, production, supply chain, sales, and marketing. We grow leadership, culture, and strategy.

Our objective is to achieve our clients vision, mission and financial goals. We offer sustainable and predictable results for short and long term client needs.

Superior leadership, culture, and strategy are benchmarks of highly successful organizations. Each is a primary source for achieving superior financial growth. Each contribute to customer loyalty and competitive advantage. We know from experience that quality management and employees are the greatest contributor to overall business success.

Tacticware operates in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) enterprises in a global environment. Our Fractional CEO/COO services are provided confidentially and on location.

Learn how Tacticware Resource Group can support your team by contacting me today. – Paul Fournier