Tacticware offers 360° Organizational Assessments to collect and measure employee and management cultural perception. Organizational Assessments provide a top-to-top relationship between senior management and employees. Our assessment process is on-line, confidential, and turnkey.

Culture is a Managed Discipline

The 360° Organizational Assessment is the first step in upgrading company culture from subjective ideals to a managed discipline. Our assessment resources are scalable to any size enterprise. Then we offer resources to improve your challenges.

 Assessment Target Areas 

We assess clients in ten primary areas to identify challenges and opportunities. These primary areas are the most critical to long term sustainability.

Beyond the Organizational Assessment

Tacticware consults in Leadership Development, Culture Management, and Strategy. We offer Organizational Assessments including customized solutions and resources to improve your overall business.

Demonstration Organizational Assessment

Review our demonstration Organizational Assessment here:


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Our Approach Video

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