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Business Training Courses Listing

We help clients improve their organization through education. Tacticware offers customized business courses to develop effective leadership, culture, strategy, and tactics.

Continuing Education

Our courses center in Management, HR, Sales, and Operations. We offer interactive educational courses crafted to client expectations. Available in 1/2 or full-day seminars.

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Course: 101

Audience: Management

Objective: Introduction of key processes and resources

Approach: This system establishes the foundation, expectations, and value of the Tacticware systems. Learning objectives include understanding and bench-marking employee perception, customer loyalty, objective achievement, customer surveys, planning, and innovation deployment.[/vc_column_text]

Human Resources – Course 201

Audience: Management

Objective: HR practices and expectations

Approach: Learning objectives include candidate interviewing processes, candidate assessments, recruitment, company environment, job descriptions, performance reviews, and hand book policy enforcement.

Quality employees influence customer perception and competitive advantage. Selecting the right person for the right job is the first priority of management. Our resources offer management the resources to make very informed employee selection decisions.

Management Principles – Course 301

Audience: Management

Objective: Leadership, communication, objective achievement

Approach: Learning objectives include approaches in leadership and management, customer loyalty and perception, employee retention and expectations, objective planning and achievement, and innovation deployment.

Company perception, best practices, and product quality begin with management. We grow company management skills and knowledge through a structured approach of excellence. The result is greater sales and profitability.

Sales Management – Course 302

Audience: Regional Sales Management

Objective: Sales Achievement and sustainability

Approach: Provides sales management with training in leadership and management, accountability, customer loyalty, innovation execution, demographics, agency management, and objective planning.

The competition is fierce. Our sales management training system incorporates best practices as well as solid guidance in national sales management.

Management Culture / Mission / Vision – Course 303

Audience: Management

Objective: to coordinate key business practices and contributors to sales and earnings growth.

Approach: Learning objectives include aligning vision / mission statements, core values, ethics, management practices, and perception into a measurable and sustainable contribution model.

Each of the above contributors shape company culture. Positive culture attracts employee talent and new customers. It also achieves more objectives and customer retention. Managing each of these contributors allows the company to pursue greater opportunities.

Sales Training Introduction – Course 401

Audience: Sales Employees

Objective: Foundation Sales Skills and Objective Achievement

Approach: Learning objectives include customer psychology, communication, achieving sales objectives, features and benefits, sales tactics, six-step selling process, sales expectations, performance indicators, and video examinations.

Customers expect well-trained and skilled sales professionals. Sales employees establish perception with customers. This perception influences customer retention and penetration.

Sales Training Advanced Negotiation – Course 402

Audience: Sales employees

Objective: Advanced Negotiation Sales Skills

Approach: Learning objectives include psychology of buyer communication, sales employee perception, six-step selling process, threatening behaviors, objective achievement, professional sales tactics.

The market is competitive. Nearly every sale requires some form of negotiation. Customers expect skilled sales professionals to resolve their challenges and provide them with products. Organizations accomplishing this achieve a competitive advantage.

Marketing Principles – Course 501

Audience: Management

Objective: Effectively influencing customer relationships through SMART intelligence, communication, and collaboration.

Approach: Learning objectives include branding resources, campaign planning, collection and management of business intelligence, surveys, effective communication, social media, sales connectivity.

Effective marketing processes engage employees with the same message as the customer. Coordinated campaigns influence customer perception and retention.

Strategic Principles – Course 601

Audience: Management

Objective: Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Approach: Learning objectives include strategic planning, risk assessment, income projections and analysis, manpower and facilities models, sustainable management alignment, organizational capacity audits.

Strategic companies view effective planning as part of their culture and vision because it protects against undue risk. Customers view well-organized suppliers as a predictable source of goods and services. Employees view the company as a positive environment to risk their future.