Pulling Back the Curtain for Growth

April 22, 2024
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Does your organization have the capacity and structure for sustainable growth?

Every company has challenges. Some choose to deny challenges. Some defer challenges, hoping they will improve. Others confront challenges and solve them.

Rarely are major challenges a secret. Employees and customers are generally aware of challenges. And often, so are competitors.

Employee Perception

Employee perception is established when management denies or defers challenges. Employee perception attacks both culture and strategy. It undermines leadership.

Customers establish perception about quality, service, and value. They establish perception about supplier competency, capacity, and value. The customer chooses whether they want to invest more or less with a supplier.

Many times, customer perception is why all-important innovation fails. Customers predetermine their purchase risk before innovation is even presented. Unless the innovation is substantial and the rewards are high, challenged suppliers don’t get a chance to bat.

Pulling Back the Curtain

Do you remember, “The great and powerful Oz in the 1939 movie, Wizard of Oz?” The great Oz was an all-powerful magician, no mortal had ever seen.

“Toto” the dog pulled back the curtain for Dorthy and her friends exposing the truth. Alas, the great Oz was a mere mortal. And Toto removed the blinders of illusion the Great Oz hid behind. Eventually, Oz made good by giving away a heart, intelligence, and courage.

What’s Behind Your Curtain?

Again, every company has challenges. If your goal is growth, what are your liabilities and illusions?

The 360° Organizational Assessment is one important tool to Pull Back the Curtain. It exposes the limits of capacity and structure from the employee point of view. The 360° Organizational Assessment process distinguishes between source and symptom, fact versus fiction.

The assessment identifies and benchmarks ten (10) areas in management, culture, and strategy. Ten areas that measures the structural capacity of the organization.

We ask actionable and relevant questions in our 360° Organizational Assessment. Then we apply systems and processes to correct the deficiencies. And to be clear, it’s not about throwing management under the bus. It’s about continuous improvement.

The 360° Organizational Assessment process benchmarks improvement and distinguishes between source and symptom. It’s a tool to measure capacity. From this information, Tacticware builds a solid structure of systems in management, culture, and strategy.


Tacticware Business Systems focus on organizational growth and management development. The 360° Organizational Assessment is one resource the build a high-capacity organization.

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Paul R. Fournier is President of Tacticware Business Systems. He provides and supports business systems in Management, Culture, and Strategy.

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