Employee Perception

Culture Management – What We Don’t Know, Does Hurt Us.

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Employee Perception – What We Don’t Know, Does Hurt Us. Cultural Change Covid, and its variants, coupled with government responses have challenged management like no other calamity in recent history. And just when we think the business environment is improving, …

Customer Relevance

Customer Relevance: How Relevant is Your Business?

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Customer Relevance: How Relevant is Your Business to Customers? Introduction How relevant is your business to customers? Do customers see your organization as a leader in innovation, quality, and service? Is your company team really a team, always staffed with …

Boiled Business (Frog) Syndrome

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White Paper for Change Management Welcome to a Tacticware Resource Group educational white paper! This white paper is available for free download on Tacticware.com. Speaking Simply At Tacticware, we discuss the most difficult subjects for today’s business management executives. On …